About Solace

Solace is a space for you to spend some quiet time with yourself and with God. Through poetry and a little bit of the Bible each time, we aim to allow you the space to explore your inner selves and start to get acquainted with that spark of the divine in all of us.

We usually run monthly services alternately at two United Reformed churches in Kent, an hour of quiet solitude together. But with the current pandemic, I’ve tried to make a version of the service for people to do in their own homes, in their own time.

The structure of each episode will be largely similar:

  • a welcome and focusing practice
  • the examen prayer
  • a poem
  • a brief Bible reading followed by a time for Lectio Divina or a listening prayer
  • a closing blessing.

There are two 15 minute sections of intentional silence each time – no music, just space for you. Please don’t be intimidated or surprised by these and use them as you find most useful.

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